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One of my goals for this year was to focus on the Vocations webpage. The original webpage was created under the direction of Fr. Brian Christensen when he was the vocation director. The last major update to the website was done in 2013.Young people are constantly using and searching the internet and social media. We thought it would be fitting for the Office of Vocations to have a revamped and up to date website with resources for families, parents, youth, and parishes. It is our desire to create more traffic to the website, to continue to build a culture of vocations in our diocese and to assist young people and their families as they seek to know their vocation in life – marriage, priesthood, or religious life.


The office of vocations partnered with Vianney Vocations to develop and build the new website. We wanted the website to be one that is appealing and regularly updated so that it becomes a real tool to be used by many in our diocese. The total cost for the website design project was $4,000. The Office of Vocations is responsible for the upkeep fees of $1,000 per year.


I know that the Knights of Columbus’ councils throughout our diocese are strong supporters of our seminarians in many ways; prayers for our seminarians, Christmas cards, notes of encouragement and small amounts of money to help them with books, supplies, or personal needs. Our seminarians have a great appreciation for all of these things that the Knights of Columbus do for them throughout the year.


The Knights of Columbus has a vocations program that helps dioceses and parishes to foster a lively culture of vocations through three main objectives: awareness, climate and motivation.


          Awareness: The aim is to explain the meaning of different vocations, underline the Church’s urgent need, and encourage people – young people in particular – to hear what God is asking of them.


          Climate: This means being aware – and working to make others aware – of the social, cultural and religious spirit of the times and how it impacts – for good and for ill – people’s readiness to heed and answer God’s call.


          Motivation: The intent is to move people to respond positively to God’s call by entering seminaries and novitiates, if this is what God is asking of them, and to persevere in the program of formation for the priesthood or religious life after having done so.


Knowing that the Knights of Columbus Councils in our parishes have been true supporters of encouraging, supporting and building a culture of vocations, they were my go-to people in trying to raise the $4000.00 needed to build our new diocesan vocation webpage.


We were able to raise $2, 450.00 through the Knights of Columbus Councils in our diocese. I want to thank these particular Knights of Columbus Councils for their generous support. God Bless the great ministry you provide to your parishes and to our diocese.


Council # 1532 in Gregory

Council # 6117 in Ft. Pierre

Council # 2679 in Philip

Council # 1489 in Rapid City, Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Council # 4984 in Custer

Council # 6137 in Hot Springs

Council # 8844 in Rapid City, Blessed Sacrament

Council # 6333 in Deadwood

Council # 6341in Sturgis