Good morning, Come Holy Spirit – Come Now -Come as You May. 

Let us pray for and lift one another these 9 days of prayer and fasting, as we call upon the Holy Spirit to flood our souls, our entire being with His Truth and His Life. In the Nicene Creed we pray “I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, and the giver of life…” Restore our life Holy Spirit. 

Remember my friends this 9-day Novena to the Holy Spirit through prayer and fasting is not a contest of endurance, I can do this! But instead is a journey of faith, a desire to live, to move and act with Spirit – filled lives. If you are struggling and want to give up theses 9 days reach out to one another, do not go it alone. It’s not a contest – I can do this on my own. Do not go down that path. It is all about our relationship with Jesus and one another. 

Let us pray and lift each other up – where are in this together.  Amen? 

Come Holy Spirit – Come Now – Come as You May!